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Architectural design

Sustainability Assessments

Passivhaus design

Model Making

Architectural design for new build houses, retrofits, extensions, multi-residential schemes and commercial projects.

Adding value to their ideas with good design and future proofing them by making them sustainable and high quality, bringing comfort in their daily life.

Personalised projects taking clients into consideration.
Using 3D BIM technology for better coordination.

My experience in low energy buildings, sustainability technologies and Passivhaus Designer Certification, I can provide sustainability assessments at diferent levels, depending on the project requirements. 

We do:
-Sustainability assessment
-Passive House Assessment
-PHPP energy performance studies
-Energy efficient retrofit


One of my passions is to work with models, that allow everyone to experience architecture at design stage using different techniques.
-Laser cut
-3D print
If you have a project that you want us to look at, get in touch with us.

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