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West Sussex


Surrounded by large mature trees, the new house sits quietly looking over the meadows towards the best views and facing south to enjoy passive solar gain in the winter.

This countryside house was designed for a couple who needed to work from home. ​The idea of working and living in the same place gave the house its courtyard shape, formed by different volumes for different uses. The garage, the annex, the main house and the offices block.

​​With a timber frame structure, this modern looking low energy house will be self-built by the clients. The facade of the house is cladded in timber and cedar shingles, acquiring a more crafted feel.

Inside the main building a large open-plan area with double height space will be the kitchen dining lounge, followed by a garden house between the living space and the office block. In the first floor, the bedrooms with a large continuous balcony and terrace area overlooking the meadows.

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