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Rosa Aragon


About ME

I am a small town girl, who grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature. Since I was little I have been attracted by its simple beauty, it was back then when I learned to love and understand Nature.

I decided to study Architecture with the aim of putting my passions together. Design that will connect buildings with their surroundings and make people living in them feel good and comfortable.

I developed my career between Spain, Italy and Germany, learning from different design approaches and adapting to different cultures.


I have worked in Spain, Germany and lately the UK, always seeking to develop my design skills and my knowledge in sustainability and energy efficient buildings.

Since 2012 I have been working with Nick Willson, as Project Architect, I have been involved in different projects, designing new build houses, retrofits, extensions, multi-residential schemes and some commercial, some of them can be found in my portfolio.

In 2013, I became a Passive House Designer, a process to produce sustainable buildings. Rowhook was the first project where passive design principles were applied, and the results were remarkable.


I love architectural design, nature and craftsmanship.

Combining these three things together is how we provide our clients with a unique design that adapts to their personal needs and provides them with high quality comfort, for their daily lives.

Design that understands the location, its surroundings and benefits from it, optimizing the performance and minimizing the building footprint.

Using the latest BIM technology all our projects are designed using 3D, this improves the coordination with other consultants and also shows how the building will look like.

We want to build high quality buildings where we can live and enjoy every day.

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